Jebbler Aviation

Aviation occurrence reporting, safety and compliance management system that easily handles your mandatory reports within your airline. See your trends and where to focus your efforts. EFB approved with offline-client.

The quick, structured and easily accessed approach to submit and manage reports within your airline. You can also ensure that the end-user can report direct into your manuals, adding our Content Management System function.

One of the most important pillars for the development of aviation safety is the reporting function. This function has just grown much stronger by incorporating the trend monitoring function and the possibility to include the reporting function into the Safety Performance Monitoring by indexing events within this app.

A Compliance Monitoring function is also included where you can risk-classify the deviations found and also includes the Compliance function into the Safety concept. Push notifications and colour-coding related to due-dates enhances the user friendly interface.

Do you know what the legal requirement for reporting is and how does your airline ensure that these requirements are complied with?

Based on the ICAO requirements, Jebbler Reporting is the turn-key solution which is easily implemented into your airline and onto your iPad EFB and/or iPhone solution for all personnel-categories:

  • Flight-Crew
  • Cabin-Crew
  • Maintenance/Technicians
  • Compliance/Quality Auditors
  • Commercial
  • Instructors/Check-Airmen
  • Pro-Active risk assessment
  • Managers.

Have you ever been dealing with the problem of not being able to provide your personnel with continuous and fast feedback? This is solved by the possibility of the employee to watch who has the admitted report and gives an automatic message to the reporter when the report is closed.

The app includes easy administration for Safety Management functions as well as for other managers and is easy for the Accountable Manager to get a quick overview of the current safety level within the company. If you need to export a report to e.g a Civil Aviation Authority, this is easily done via the export-function.

Get started quickly:

  • Download via appstore
  • Go to the register-site for an administrators-account
  • Invite your employees
  • Go!


 ICAO Annex 13,
Regulation (EU) No 376/2014;
AMC 20-8;
Directive 2003-42-EC