Customized Solution


1. Branch adaptation

Build to be configurable to meet your branch-specific needs for easy access.


2. Implementation

We listen to you and make sure that it is implemented into your organization.


3. ROI

Your Return Of Investment is huge as the app saves valuable time combined with precise control over the companies activities.


Aeroplane-256Transportation solution with Jebbler Aviation

Jebbler Aviation is configured to meet the stringent requirements within Aviation. See how easy we can implement that methodology for your needs!




Jebbler easily ensures the requirements outlined in Chapter 3 in the Swedish “Patientsäkerhetslag” for example, together with any other company specific items.



Warning-Shield-256Law & Security

To use the officers valuable time smart, it is now easy to file a report on the way and to include pictures, without coming in to the office.




As a construction or building company you can easily make sure that the building and all its various parts, such as logistics, meet the demands.



Easy access trend monitoring and statistics with a powerfull database engine:

  • See how your organization is performing in relation to your set safety index,
  • See per month or year for the whole company or for each sector,
  • Catch a negative trend and monitor your implemented improvements and the effects of it.



  • Log-In when the duty starts,
  • When the device is set to flight-mode, the application is active and you can write reports as you go,
  • The reports are saved locally and can easily be submitted when you have network-connection again. 

Use for different companies
  • Each company have their specifics and is recognized when you log in,
  • The application can therefore be used for different companies if you work for more than one operator or flight-school.